RMS Beauty’s Un-cover Up Concealer Review

I was determined to make 2018 the year of ‘clean-beauty’ for me. We use plenty of skincare and makeup products in our daily lives and a lot of these products could contain chemicals that are not only bad for our skin but also body.

So far I’ve trial a few Drunk Elephant products, and boy have they blown my mind! However, I’m not doing so well in the makeup department. There are very few makeup brands out there they use natural or organic products, that’s why I was super happy to discover RMS beauty – a brand that focuses on all natural all organic beauty.

Since it was concealer shopping time for me (my Maybelline Fit Me concealer was no longer sufficient for my super dark undereyes) I opted for this RMS “Un” Cover Up concealer  instead of purchasing cult favourites like Tarte or Nars concealers.

This RMS “Un” Cover Up is my first ever organic makeup! So rambling aside, let’s dive into the review!

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover Up Concealer


Camouflage skin imperfections and brighten under-eye circles with this nourishing, lightweight concealer.

Specifically formulated to enhance the natural look of skin, these silky concealers deliver hydrating coverage and a radiant finish. Lightweight and creamy in texture, the creamy formula auto-adjusts to match your skin tone and blends seamlessly into the skin to cover imperfections. The result is a naturally flawless looking complexion.

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover Up Concealer

Packaging: Cheap-looking. I was quite disappointed by the packaging. I loved how it was simple in design however I hated the “tin-type” lid that made the overall product feel cheap and  flimsy.

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover Up Concealer

Shades: I got mine in Shade 11. Shade 11 is a  pale shade with a subtle yellow base, perfect for my yellowy toned skin!

Coverage: Once applied it provides a light to medium coverage. – as you can see, it doesn’t completely hide the mole on my hand but blurs it’s appearance slightly.  It can also emphasise fine lines so primers and blending is a must!

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover Up Concealer

Formula: It feels buttery and creamy. Best to use your fingers for this concealer as it melts with the heat of your skin.  I still get some creasing under the eyes but a little setting powder seems to fix it. Also when I first opened it there were little precipitate of oil on the surface (as pictured above). Don’t worry, these just blends into the concealer once you start warming it up with your fingers.

Price: Expensive. For $52 AUD you’ll get 2g of product, which isn’t a lot. You’re basically paying for the brand and also the fact that these makeup products are free from any nasties.

Repurchase? Maybe. I love the formula and the philosophy behind the brand, however the price point is way too high for the amount of product that is given.

Overall, I love that this makeup is actually good for you and I love how it gives you a natural radiate finish, perfect for the natural no makeup look that I love! I’ll suggest it if you want to try an all-natural makeup or if you’re planing on splurging.

Thank you for reading!

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