Part 2: Skincare and Makeup Haul

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year’s everyone! Wishing you all an amazing Year of the Dog with plenty of adventure and laughters! If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year’s this year then I trust you must be receiving some lucky red pockets – big or small they sure elevate our moods don’t they? For those of you who don’t celebrate Chinese New Year’s, red pockets are basically little beautifully designed paper bags that are used to hold some money. Often elders would gift their children or any juniors a lucky ‘red pocket’ at the beginning of the Lunar New Year in hopes of gifting them joy and luck all year round.

Red pockets are a fun and festive way to celebrate and enjoy the New Year’s and when the festivities wears off, this little accumulation of wealth gives us a great opportunity to treat ourselves as a tap on the back for working hard.

If you’re tapping your fingers on your chin thinking about what treats to get yourself this year then please allow me to be of assistance. Maybe my mini skincare and makeup haul may be of inspiration? 😀




I’ve listed the price of each product and where I purchased them from under each image. I’ve also got a little intro for each product happening (information from there offical websites).


  1. Clio Professional’s Waterproof Brush Liner (Colour: Kill Brown) Set


Rainy wonderland Haul

‘Sharp and striking eyes with highly concentrated formula. Maintain a perfectly clean waterproof eye makeup with an upgraded film formula that stays on all day long’

Price: $25.90 SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review (excluding Microfessional): Here

2. Missha’s Air in Puff (BROWN) Line Friends

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘Recommended for:
– Those who want a replacement puff
– Those who want a dewy finish with their base makeup
– Those who use the Air In Puff frequently’

Price: $0.00 *Because it was a gift with purchase! 🙂 *

Review: Coming soon

3. Naruko’s Tea Tree Anti-Acne Sunscreen SPF 50.

Rainy wonderland Haul

** Naruko doesn’t seem to have much information available online, so I guess I’d have to go by the packaging, this Tea Tree based sunscreen is SPF50+ and is marketed as an anti-acne sunscreen – probably the first time I’ve ever seen an anti-acne sunscreen.. Wish me all the best! 😉 

Price: $16.10 SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

4. Clio Professional’s Sharp, So Simple – Waterproof Pen Liner (Brown)

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘Thin and slim, it’s so easy for beginners!
– Super fine pen tip
– Deep colors with Carbon Black/Deep Brown!
– Waterproof and smudgeproof’

Price: S22.90 SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

5. Caolion’s Premium Hot & Cool Pore Duo Pack

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘What it is:

A detoxifying duo featuring a steaming mask that opens and deeply cleanses pores, then a cooling mask to tighten and minimise the appearance of pores.

What it does:

The hot Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack cleans pore impurities and blackheads and exfoliates dead skin cells with grain powder and steaming effect. Charcoal powder helps extract excess sebum and residual makeup that can clog pores while natural sparkling water penetrates deeply into skin for enriched moisture. The cool Premium Pore Original Pack tightens enlarged pores, calming and revitalising the skin. It’s enriched with Alaskan glacial water to keep skin hydrated, even after removing the mask. An infusion of menthol provides a cooling sensation to soothe irritated skin.’

Price: $45 SG (Sephora Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

6. Missha’s Time Revolution The First Treatment Mist

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘The First Treatment Essence Mist is a must have item especially for those with dry or rough skin.
This hydrating essence mist is convenient and easy to use – perfect for on-the-go!

Price:  $39.90 SG (Missha Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

7. Hada Labo’s Hydrating Face Wash

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘Formulated with high purity Olive Oil to deep clean and gently remove dirt, excessive oil and stubborn makeup instantly. High cleansing ability even for water-prrof mascara. Gentle to your delicate eye area and eye lashes. Enhanced with Super Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and maintain skin’s moisture balance leaving skin feeling soft & smooth. It it water-soluble, does not leave unpleasant greasy feeling. Skin pH balanced. Low irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.’

Price:  $13.50SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Here

8. Zoeva’s Nude Spectrum palette. 

Rainy wonderland Haul

Nude Spectrum:
Originated from the luminosity of the sun, the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Blush Palette grants a unique selection of four sublime bronze shades for the cheeks, warming the original skin tone and enhancing it’s vivid solar radiance. The buildable formula ensures an easy application of seamless colour for a healthy, sun-kissed finish, reminiscent of the glowing warmth of summer all year long.’

Price: $30 SG (Sephora Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

9. Lucido-L Hair Wax

Rainy wonderland HaulFirst launched in Japan in 1993, Lucido-L has since been loved across time and countries. Currently the leading brand in Singapore’s female hair styling industry, Lucido-L is devoted to provide a wide array of products to cater to different styling needs of all women. With innovative technologies and in view of changing trends, Lucido-L has continued to innovate and offer promising products. The hair wax series has since undergone improvements to offer a lighter, non-sticky texture with a blend of hyaluronic acid to offer moisturizing effects. Aware of the increasing popularity of hair treatment, the Hair Make Supplement Series was released to repair and create healthy and beautiful hair suitable for styling. With Lucido-L, there is no excuse to look bad.’ 

Price: $4.80 SG each (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

10. Bifesta Cleansing Sheets

Rainy wonderland Haul

‘Infused with lightweight and non-greasy botanical beauty oil- SQUALANE
Superior moisturising and skin softening benefits
Formulated with lightweight cleansing oil and cleansing ingredients derived from facial toners, it quickly lifts and removes all types of waterproof makeup from pores while protecting your skin’s delicate moisture balance.’

Price: $3.90 SG (Guardians Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

11.Naruko Raw Job’s Tear’s (Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimising & Brightening Lotion). 

Rainy wonderland Haul

**I couldn’t find too much online about this, but based on the packaging it looks like it’s designed to minimise pores and brighten the skin. I’m not too sure what Raw Job’s tears is, but I guess I’ll find out!

Price:  $16.90 SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

12. Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Cleansing Oil 

Rainy wonderland Haul‘Formulated with high purity Olive Oil to deep clean and gently remove dirt, excessive oil and stubborn makeup instantly. High cleansing ability even for water-prrof mascara. Gentle to your delicate eye area and eye lashes. Enhanced with Super Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and maintain skin’s moisture balance leaving skin feeling soft & smooth. It it water-soluble, does not leave unpleasant greasy feeling. Skin pH balanced. Low irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.’

Price:  $20.90SG (Watsons Singapore)

Review: Coming soon

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for visiting and Gong Hei Fat Choi!





Makeup and Skincare Haul: Part 1 – Duty Free

January is usually the month where most people get bitten by the travel bug, and lucky for me I happen to be one of those people this year. My trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore was absolutely amazing! We explored the places (Singapore to a lesser extent since we’ve been there before), indulged in the local cuisines and of course shopped until we dropped.

I made sure to do all my research before hand to make sure I got the best deals, and good thing I did as I found that a lot of the makeup in Singapore costs the same as it does here in Australia. For that reason I reserved most of my budget for the duty free shopping at Changi Airport. Prior to my visit I’d checked out the duty free deals online and had accumulated a list of items I wanted (I suggest you do the same), this helped me ensure that I’m getting the best good deals ! 😀


My haul was a rather expensive one, but we’re talking about brands like Sulwhasoo and SK-II which are generally high end brands anyways. Purchasing high end brands (especially in duo sets) at duty free is a great way to save $$$!

This year, my duty free haul contains some of my holy grails and some new desperate to try items.

So rambling aside, lets jump in and enjoy!



Rainy wonderland Sulwhasoo Trio

A moisture-rich emulsion and water that absorbs quickly for soft and smooth skin.
Spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly, providing long-lasting hydration, soothing the skin, and leaving a clean finish.

** Sulwhasoo had a deal happening at the time of my purchase, basically you’d get 10% off if you purchased two of more Sulwhasoo items **

Price:  $242.90 – (10% off deal) = $218.61

Review: Here



Rainy Wonderland SK-II R.N.A Power Magnetic Kit

Power up your skincare routine with the new Magnetic Booster, SK-II’s first applicator wand that uses Magnetic MicroPulse Technology².
The latest skincare innovation delivers consistent yet gentle pulsations at 7000 rpm vibration with magnetism to enhance penetration¹ of the key ingredient found in SK-II’s R.N.A.Power series into your skin.

Price: $345 SG

Review (without Magnetic Booster): Here

Review (Magnetic Booster): Coming Soon



Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX

A cleansing oil formulated with traditional Korean herbs to gently remove makeup and impurities for a refreshing finish. Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job’s Tears) Seed and Tangerine peel Extracts help to effectively remove impurities, while apricot kernel oil remove dead skin cells for clearer and healthier skin foundation. The oil spreads smoothly to cleanse your makeup and impurities gently and quickly. When it mixes with water, the wash-off ingredients are activated for a refreshing finish.

** I actually forgot to buy this until the very end so I didn’t get the 10% off deal since I only bought the one item 😦 **

Price: $30.30 SG

Review: Here


Bobbi Brown Rainy WonderlandThe bestseller that started it all – Bobbi’s creamy, semi-matte lipstick was the first formula to launch (and sold out instantly). The secret to its success? Comfortable, full-coverage color instantly gives lips a polished look.

Price: $35.00 SG

Review: Here

Rainy Wonderland Bobbi Brown



Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX Duo Rainy wonderland

Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this essential regimen boosting serum assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.
Membranous Milk-vetch promotes natural skin circulation and Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice boost synergy among herbal extracts to restore skin’s natural healthy radiance.
Absorbing instantly and deep within the skin, this serum leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple, prepares skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.

Price: $145.00 – (10% off deal) = $130.50

Review: Here



YSL Palette Rainy Wonderland

The most unique and elegant Parisienne palette comes with 10 “Couture” colors: 5 eye shadows, 4 lipsticks, 1 blush, mini Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Black and 3 professional brushes. Its compact size is perfect for women on the move; allows infinite possibilities for creating a “Parisian Look”. The pouch can also be used alone as a chic fashion accessory.

Price: $84 SG

Review: Here



SK-II RNA Power Eye CreamCombining the power of Radical New Age Complex* and concentrated PITERA™ with the strength of Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 and Cholleragen**, it’s the only one of its kind to give you firmness around the eyes. it also helps to renew it.

Price: $215 SG

Review: Here


SK-II Travel Set Rainy Wonderland

Price: Free gift with purchase

Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence  , SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

So that’s a  wrap!

So that’s a closer look at my makeup and skincare haul part 1! I’m working on the some more reviews and part 2 soon so stay tuned!

Once again, until next time..

Stay curious!



Nighttime Skincare Routine : Spring 2017

Rainy Wonderland Spring Skincare Routine

So I thought it’s about time that I share my Spring skincare routine with my fellow Wonderlandians! Spring in Oz is generally very dry and hot and so I try to layer my products rather than use very thick products. I’m someone who loves my skincare, so you’ll find that I have a few more steps than your average person! 😀

So lets dive into the routine! 

1.Curel’s Makeup Cleansing Gel (Intensive Moisture Care)

How I use it: A small 2cm sized amount is all I usually need. This gel turns oily once I start to rub it into my dry face. Once all traces of makeup have been dissolved, I apply a little amount of water to get rid of the gel.

Properties: Makeup Remover.


2. Rosette Cleansing Paste (Ghassoul Bright)

How I use it: I use a small pea size amount on my  Foreo Luna Play facial cleansing device to  lather it up and help throughly clean off any residue makeup.

Properties: Second step cleanser.


3. Cosrx’s Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner

How I use it: A few spritz straight after cleansing.

Properties: Returns balance to the face after double cleansing.


4. Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C Framboos  Glycol Night Serum

How I use it: One pump to be spread evenly onto dry skin.

Properties: Chemical exfoliator to help  clear off dead skin cells and reduce appearances of pores and fine lines.


5.   SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

How I use it: I usually use about 3-4 drops into the palms then pat onto face.

Properties: Multiple – Anti-acne, anti-aging and helps attain that healthy glow!


6. SK-II RNA Power Eye Cream

How I use it: I use half a pea size amount for both eyes. I simply dot it underneath and above my eyelids then using my ring finger gently massage the product in.

Properties: Anti-aging eye care.


7. SK-II RNA Power Essence

How I use it: One pump full onto the palms then direct application to face and massage until absorbed.

Properties: Anti-aging.


8.   Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

How I use it: I usually use about 2 pumps to massage into the face.

Properties: Multiple- helps with hyper-pigmentation , anti-aging and moisturising.


9.  SK-II’s RNA Power Cream

How I use it: A small pea-sized amount is all that I required. I dot it all over my face then gently massage in a upward motion.

Properties: Moisturising and anti-aging.

Now that concludes my nighttime skincare routine! Nine steps does appear quite extensive, but it actually only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. I’m someone who quite enjoy my skincare routine so I have no problem with nine steps! 😛

I hope you found it useful!

Until next time,

Stay curious!