The Rainy Wonderland – A History

The Rainy Wonderland may be no Hogwarts, but it has a history too ūüėÄ ¬†…

Rainy wonderland


The beginning…

The idea of writing a blog had always been on my mind but getting myself to actually sit down and do it took 2 years… To write a blog is intimidating, articles that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere means more weight on your words and suggestions. Additionally, long gone are the days were blogs were simply a blue or black screen with white words scattered across the screen. Blogging is now very competitive and professional, to start a blog that can be compared to such amazing pre-existing websites is extremely nerve racking!

It all just starting one day on the 22nd of May 2017, where I sat down at my desk and thought ‘if not now then when?’ and began busily creating a website, blog posts and¬†navigating¬†Wordpress which was so alien to me. Writing my first blog was hard, who’d thought that there was so much work behind a post? >.<

Why beauty? 

Because it’s something that I most probably can never get bored of!

Why The Rainy Wonderland?

I’ve always been an advant lover of the rainy seasons, it’s something about the foggy mornings and the earthy smell after a silent night’s rain that stimulates my senses and draws my attention (away from my phone). The rain has always been associated with fun and exciting memories for me, but unfortunately I know that it is also a symbolism of misery and unhappiness for many.I decided to name this blog ¬†‘THE RAINY WONDERLAND’ because I¬†wanted to ¬†allude that life is wondrous even in the worse of conditions.

What’s so unique about The Rainy Wonderland?¬†

It’s grainy photography and bad grammar! ūüėõ


I hope it becomes a useful resource for beauty seekers out there and most importantly my ambition for this blog is for it to become your “rainy-times” buddy – ¬†I hope that it will be a light-hearted and informing tired-lunch-time read or your companion for those I-need-to-escape-reality-for-a-bit moments. I hope that the posts will keep you curious and help pick you up during those rough life challenges.

So  enjoy the wonders of the world and ..

Thank you for visiting!

Stay curious!