REVIEW: Tatcha’s The Rice Polish Gentle Foaming Enzyme Powder *I GOT A BAD REACTION*


Claims |

Banish blemishes, tighten pores and reveal lust-worthy luminosity with this skin-polishing powder exfoliant; developed for normal to oily skin types.

This water-activated, pore-perfecting enzyme powder works hard to grant your smoothest, brightest and most clarified complexion yet. A blend of nourishing rice bran, exfoliating rice and papaya enzymes, purifying Japanese wild rose, blemish-banishing Japanese leopard lily and Tatcha’s anti-ageing HADASEI-3™ come together to soften, exfoliate and clarify in a single action. Complexion is left completely overhauled; pores are tightened, breakouts reduced and skin’s texture seriously refined. 

Review |

Tatcha's The Rice Polish Gentle Foaming Enzyme Powder

Packaging: Luxurious. The rice polish comes in a very neatly packaged jar that excludes a very luxurious vibe.  However, I’ve only tried the sample and not purchased the full size myself, so I’m not sure how practical this packaging would be.

Scent: Theres definitely no artificial scent in this cleanser. The cleanser has a natural rice scent to it, which was isn’t all that uncomfortable.

Tatcha's The Rice Polish Gentle Foaming Enzyme Powder

Formula: Unfortunately it seems that my skin does not like this cleanser. The cleanser gave me a subtle but still nasty allergic reaction. My skin became very bumpy, red and also quite inflamed. My pores were also left enlarged and in general my subsequent makeup days were disastrous.

Price: Expensive! For $95 AUD this rice polish better contain gold.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve tried the sample before taking the plunge and purchasing the full size product. Unfortunately this product is no good for my skin and quite frankly I do believe it is quite over price for what is really a physical rice facial wash.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

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