The worse mascara EVER! YSL’s Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

Ysl (Yves Saint Laurent) very rarely puts a foot out of place but something seriously went wrong with this mascara!

The Ysl’s Mascara Voulme Effet Cils Shocking Gratuit Free Black  (mini) was something that I got with my Ysl’s Devoted To USL Palette Parisienne when I was at Singapore airport. I saved the testing of the mascara for later as I had a few opened already but eventually I gave in and opened up this mascara with high hopes.


Unfortunately this did not live up to the Ysl name at all! Let’s get the rambling started!

Claims: “Exaggerate your lashes with shocking volume from every angle. The amplified helix brush with a twisted cut, provides instant excess volume on the lashes, with effortless application. “

Packaging: Stylish, chic and classy. This is what YSL managed to get right.

Price: Expensive.  A full size of this  Voulme Effet Cils Shocking Gratuit Free Black Mascara would cost you $57 AUD.

Holds a curl: Nope. Well not for my ‘asian-lashes’ anyways. The minute I applied this mascara,  my lashes drooped down further than I have ever seen it. This formula was way too heavy for my thin wispy lashes.

YSL's Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

Water-proof: No. This is not a water proof formula which explains why it was too heavy on my lashes. For thin wispy lashes like mine, water-proof formulas would be the best to go.

Scent: It STINKS! Literally, the smell is just terrible. I don’t really know how to describe it, but my best attempt would be something like a permanent marker. This is the biggest con for me, a total put off.

Repurchase: NO WAY. Theres no way I’ll ever fork any money out for this mascara. In fact, this is going into the rubbish bin pronto.

Overall, I actually hate this product also as much as I dislike the Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. Clearly non-water proof mascaras are not my thing and both of these mascaras happen to be just that. If you have stronger lashes than mine and have had no problem with non-water proof mascaras in the past then this mascara may just work  for you (but I’m not too sure about the smell). I, however will never purchase this again. There is simply nothing that angers me more than a mascara undoing my hard earn’t curls.

Until next time!

Stay curious!


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