Review: Zoeva’s Nude Spectrum Blush Palette

I’ve never been a blush girl until I’ve purchased this Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette.

Blush has never been a staple in my makeup routine as I simply didn’t see the need for it before. However, theses days I’ve been reaching for my blush palette more and more often! I’ve discovered that when applied in the right places and with just the right amount, blush can freshen up your appearance drastically.

The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette is perfect for that understated blush look, alternatively the shades make great eyeshadows too!

Let’s dive into the review! 🙂


Rainy wonderland Haul

Packaging: Cute but cheap feeling. The packaging looks chic and cute at a glance but it feels rather cheap and flimsy. The material itself feels a tad like paper and can easily be stained with traces of makeup left from your fingers!

Zoeva Nude Spectrum

Formula: Powdery. The formula itself has a lot of fall out but blends in nicely when buffed into the skin. It’s also super buildable so you can easily do a natural or full glam look with this palette.

Zoeva's Nude Spectrum Blush Palette

Shades: Nice. This palette comes with two pink shades and two brown contour shades, one of each being a slight shimmery shade and the other a matte shade.

Zoeva's Nude Spectrum Blush Palette

Price: Reasonable. This costs me around $30 SG (it was on sale at the time) and to me this is quite a reasonable shade for four shades.

Overall, I find that I’ve been reaching this palette quite often to get my desired natural no makeup look. This palette is not only great for us as a blush but also as a contour and eyeshadow too!

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