Bobbi Brown’s Lip Colour in Pale Pink Review

Rainy wonderland Bobbi Brown Review

It’s almost the Chinese New Year and this year I’ve decided to not sport the popular Red Lip look but something a bit more fresh and youthful. Makeup addicts out there will understand my pain here when I say finding the perfect shade of pink (or red, or any colour really) for your lips is a pretty hard task. A general analysis will require deriving calculus equations and solving for x – nah I’m exaggerating! But it took half and hour of constant badgering around Bobbi Brown’s counter, numerous swatches and 10 minutes of wondering what the name of my last swatch is, before I found my perfect pink! The sales assistant actually looked at all of my swatches at the end and said, ‘they’re all the same’ – no girl they ain’t the same, don’t get me started! Haha

Anyways, jumping in..

(Bobbi Brown’s Lip Colour in Pale Pink)


Bobbi Brown Rainy Wonderland


The bestseller that started it all—Bobbi Brown’s creamy, semi-matte lipstick was the first formula to launch (and sold out instantly). The secret to its success? Comfortable, full-coverage colour instantly gives lips a polished look.


The woman who wants a creamy, semi-matte lipstick.


The non-drying formula offers full-colour coverage and comfortable, long-lasting wear.


Apply straight from the tube on clean, bare lips. Follow the natural line of the mouth, evenly covering the upper and lower lip. For a soft, stained look, blot with a tissue. For a more precise application, brush on with Bobbi Brown’s Lip Brush (sold separately).



Rainy wonderland Bobbi Brown Review

Packaging: Classy. This sleek black packaging is sleek and chic not to mention super classy too. It’s also pretty sturdy and the lid clicks on and off like a breeze.

Rainy Wonderland Bobbi Brown

Shades: Plenty! With 25 shades, Bobbi Brown has got you covered! It honestly took me so loooong just to pick this one perfect shade!

Formulation: Great. The formula of this Bobbi Brown Lip colour is creamy and glides on like butter. It’s also quite pigmented so one swipe will usually suffice, however you may need at least two if you’re after a pop of colour. Regarding the finish, I wouldn’t say semi-matte, it was more on the glossy side than matte (which I’m okay with).

Longevity:  ~1-2 hours. Now despite being informed by the sales assistant that this is a long lasting formula, I actually didn’t find that it lasts very long at all. At best this lip colour will stay put for 2 hours and frequent retouching will be required if you want to keep the colour looking fresh .

Rainy wonderland Bobbi Brown Review

Pigmentation: Good. These lip colours are pigmented enough to give your lips a soft coloured look. I guess depending on the colour you chose, pigmentation may very (I remembered the plum coloured ones were very pigmented).

Price: High-end.  I got mine for $35 AUD at Changi Airport, usually these lip colours would retail for about $45 in Oz – which is fairly expensive for me.

Repurchase?  Yes. I love how Bobbi Brown has so many lipstick shades! I really could be there all day testing out the colours and formulas. I think that this lip colour is a really decent product that is worth having in your vanity. I’ll definetly repurchase a Bobbi Brown Lipstick again for sure!

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with Bobbi Brown’s Lip Colour, I particularly loved the shade Pale Pink that I got – it was the perfect pink colour I was after. The lip colour  lipsticks have definitely lived up to the hype (although I wished it lasted longer) and I will most certainly try more products from the range.

Thank you for reading and again,

Stay curious!



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