The Ordinary Brand: First Impressions

The Ordinary Review

The only thing ordinary about this brand would be it’s name. 

Fasinatingly the interest in this brand gained traction thanks to it’s ‘ordinary‘ name (and also reviews by loads of influencers). Now, I’m not usually the type to buy into all the hype easily but it didn’t take me too long to run to my local stockers to get my hand on these.  My skincare-go-to youtubers like the Gothamista and Liahyoo were raving about this effective and budget friendly skincare products, so ofcourse I had to try these out for myself!

I only bought 3 out of the gazillion products because I wanted to integrate them gradually into my skincare routine. The three products that I’d purchased are the Buffet serum, 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil and Natural Moisturising Factors + HA moisturisers . I am trialing them slowly because I really wanted to observe the effects of each, I haven’t tried them out for long enough yet so decided to do a first impressions instead of a review. 😉

Buffet Serum


This serum has a weird texture, it’s a hybrid between a liquid and a gel. Once applied to the face it feels rather tacky but it tends to dry down after 5 minutes or so. There’s no obvious smell to the serum which is a good sign. I have yet to see a major difference in my skin but it does make it slightly glowy-er.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil


So I’ve had this product for much much longer than the Buffet and the moisturiser, I’ve included it in a lot of my posts (here , here and here). The oil is hydrating and absorbs easily into my skin, a large portion of it also stays onto of my skin (not in an oily greasy way) and seals in my skincare products, allowing it to work it’s charm! I’ve used the Trilogy Roship Oil before and this is very comparable, also it’s only a fraction of the price!! 🙂

Natural Moisturising Factors + HA moisturiser


The texture of this  moisturiser is closer to the thick side, the cream is yellowish in colour and scent free. Once applied onto the face it became a lot less thicker and easier to work with, it does tend to absorb quite well into the skin. I have yet to observe anything wowing about it. 😐

So far I’m having pretty high hopes for this range, the products are decently priced and contain a bunch of effective and potent products!

And that’s it folks, my first impressions of The Ordinary Brand!

Until next time, stay curious!



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