For that summer glow, essence, serums rose hip oils and makeup

Beating the Winter’s chills with the Summer’s glow!

For that summer glow, essence, serums rose hip oils and makeup

Howdy and welcome back curious readers!

It’s autumn down under, which means falling leaves and cooler nights .. it also reminds us that winter is on it’s way and will hit before we’re prepared enough to welcome it. Personally I’m a fan of Winter, something about the sound and smell of rain that brings me to a rainforest or mountain tops… hot comfort food and warm movie nights! I guess the only thing I dislike about winter is how it affects my skin!

The cold takes away some of my skin’s rosy colour and replaces it with dull pallor, my skin is drier, more coarse and my usual skincare routine doesn’t seem to be compatible with my “winter skin”. Obviously, seasonal changes would ideally require skincare routine “upgrades” – more about that later – but this part I don’t mind too much, especially when it gives me an excuse to try more skincare products ! 🙂 What bothers me is how our skin seems to dull down in winter, it makes us seem .. well, miserable! Life’s short, you can’t spend three precious months of your life looking gloomy and dull! I say, TAKE THAT SUMMER’S GLOW AND BEAT THAT WINTER DULL!

How you ask?

Well may I suggest some of these bad boys/girls?

winter glow essential

Let me explain …

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Facial treatment essence SK-II

I won’t dwell too much on this smashing item since I’ve already dedicated a post to it ( Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence), but basically  SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence or something similar (again, more about this later) should be a staple in your skincare routine all year round. Especially since essences don’t work instantly,  so be proactive and prepare ahead if you want that glow 365 days a year!

SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence

Bottle of SK-II Aura Essence

A beauty essence for the woman who wants translucent skin that radiates from within. Stop relying on foundation to cover dullness and tone unevenness. Cellumination AuraBright has a completely new formulation unique brightening complex Aura Bright Cocktail with Pitera which leaves your skin glowing from within as if draped in a veil of light. – From SK-II’s offical website

Granted the product information sounds a bit exaggerated, but the serum does do a good job at enhancing the skin’s glow. I wouldn’t say that it “tone unevenness” but the complex within the serum works to give you that youthful glow immediately.  The glow it gives is nothing like what you get when you use a strobing cream or illuminating primer, it just lifts the skin’s appearance to make it look healthy and .. well .. happy (even in winter 😉 ).

I usually add a little bit of this (since it’s hella expensive!) into my foundation to help brighten up my dull complexion.

How I use it: SK-II recommends that you use the contents of one full dropper (yes, no kidding) day and night regularly in order to prevent the appearance of dark spots and help attain that clear, glowing skin. I however, find that that’s just too much for my skin so I opt to use 1-2 drops (equivalent to half the amount of a full dropper) in the morning – I find that it’s enough for me. Occasionally I might add a drop of the serum into my foundation if I feeling like I need an extra boost!

The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Oil

The Ordinary's Rosehip oil

Facial oils in general are a MUST in winter, it’s an extra layer of moisture that my skin so desperately needs in this cold season. I loved Trilogy’s Rosehip oil and their Rose Hip Oil Antioxidant + is also a favourite of mine, but the Ordinary’s Rosehip Oil is just so much more affordable (and pretty much the same too) !

Rosehip Oil is great since, firstly it’s an oil which means it prevents the cold from drying up the skin and adds that glow instantly. Furthermore since Rosehip is an antioxidant, it has the extra anti-aging benefits. WIN- WIN- WINNING 🙂 !!!!

I use this mostly at night at the end of my skincare routine just to lock up everything.  Occasionally I may also add it into my foundation for the instant glow (but caution not all foundations mixes well, if at all with Rosehip oil) but mostly I just use it as my second moisturiser. I find that I wake up winter mornings with a nice and healthy glow – not at all oily or greasy!

SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX

SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX jar
SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX (pretty much empty)

This is a (expensive) moisturiser that promises to give you that subtle glow. It’s said to be made from pearls and so has whitening properties to it (or so I was told) . The texture itself is pretty weird, kinda like an hybrid between a cream and a gel, and it does give you that illuminating glow. I was pretty please after a month’s worth of usage, I just found that my face was so glowy all the time with or without makeup (and I wasn’t using any other items in this list at the time). But eventually I couldn’t justify using this much money on one item – especially since I’ve found other items that can also do the job.

I would repurchase this again if I’ve got the budget, but I wouldn’t trade an arm and a leg for it. For the lucky ones out there where money isn’t too much of an issue then I would highly recommend this – this would definitely give you that youthful glow (the glow would be more potent than what the Aura Essence would give alone).

VDL Lumi-layer primer

VDL Lumi Layer Primer

You know that feeling when you’ve been caught extremely off guard – like realising that you’re friend’s wedding is next week and you had planned to have lost an extraordinary amount of weight by then, but instead you’ve gained like 5?  It’s kinda like starting an “illuminating skincare routine” in winter .. it’s almost too late, by the time your skincare gives you that youthful glow it’s probably the end of the dull winter months anyways. In such cases, I recommend you get some aid from these purposefully designed makeup! VDL’s Lumi Layer Primer just makes your skin look so healthy especially when it catches onto any light. Alone it may be too much (you may end up looking like a sparkling Cullen) but underneath foundation it’s just perfect! You’ll probably surprise everyone at work or school with your healthy non-winter-affected skin!

Rimmel London’s Good to Glow 

This is for the ladies and gents out there that don’t do things half way. Rimmel’s Good to Glow packs a punch (of highlight). It’s a highlighting cream so no not an illuminating primer at all (haha). You could add it directly onto the high points of your face – i.e onto places you want to emphasis or mix it together with your foundation to get that strobing look. Nothing subtle and youthful glowy about this one – this is true strobing material. EXPECT TO SHINE (in a good way ofcourse) 🙂

So thats it! These are the items that I personally love to help give me that summer glow in winter, I hope you found it useful!

Share  your skincare/makeup tips and tricks for winter below in the comments!

Thank you for visiting and always stay curious!


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