Review: Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

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For this post, I will be sharing my experience with the much famed Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. Drunk Elephant was created in 2012 and has since exploded in popularity. The brand focuses on creating products that are simple and effective and most important the brand strays away from adding any nasties into their products (I guess its pretty similar to the Korean brand Cosrx right? Like in terms of philosophy hehe)


So if you go to the official website you’ll probably be bombarded with information about all the great things that are in this serum and how almighty it is. Truth is, all I care about is that the serum contains a potent amount of Vitamin C – an antioxidant which would theoretically firm my skin, correct/ reduce any signs of photoaging including wrinkles and sun spots as well as brightening my skin. Also one of my favourite youtuber,Renee from gotamista raved about it. Again this wasn’t cheap, but I figured a serum is something I’m happy to invest in.



The packaging is airtight and UV protective which is appropriate since Vitamin C could easily oxidised and lose its beneficial properties. It comes with a twist up pump which again is a UV protecting mechanism. One downfall with the packaging is that I don’t know when I’m about to run out and my attempt to unravel the packaging to check its contents almost lost me a pump so I ain’t game enough to risk it again! For $116 (AUD) you get 30ml worth of product.

P.S All the images are not mine! They are from the offical Drunk Elephant site.


The serum itself is lightly orangey in colour, its smells fruity – mostly citrus fruity and could be easily applied onto the skin. For me, I find that it takes about 2 minutes for the serum to properly absorb, thought I would suggest you leave it on for a good five minutes before you proceed with you skincare routine (that who’s got time for that right?hehe).


I have been using it every morning -by pumping two pumps into my palm and applying it gently onto my face – for the past four months. I find that it does help brighten my face, my skin is no longer dull looking but it has an extra heathy and bright complexion to it. It also appear to have help (slightly) faded a sun spot on the corner of my nose bridge but I can’t really tell (since I rarely pay attention to that). I’d like to think that it has a synergic effect with my sunscreen – in that it further enhances sun protection but I can’t make too may claims on that.


I personally feel like its worth the investment. Especially as UV damage is the biggest cause of ageing and prevention is always better than cure. I’d much prefer using serums and sunscreen to prevent sun damage now then splurge on anti wrinkle creams later on when the damage is most likely permanent.  For someone who did not use any sunscreen until the age of 22, now at 24 I am taking my sun protection a lot more seriously. But, if your someone who has always taken the necessary sun protection precautions and do not have any sun spots or photoaging issues to worry about then I guess you can skip this one ;).

Always stay curious!



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